Flight Training


The CCRC Flight Training program has been successfully and safely training new radio control pilots since the club’s inception. Some of the many benefits of enrolling in a club training program include:

  • Benefit from the experience of fellow club members
  • Faster learning curve than self-taught
  • Lower risk of personal injury
  • Lower risk of damaging property
  • Learn proper etiquette when flying with others

CCRC uses the “buddy box” method for training new pilots. The instructor and student have individual handheld transmitters that are connected wirelessly. The instructor can easily “give” or “take” full control of the aircraft at any time. Therefore, the instructor’s piloting skill remains a “safety net” that can be invoked at any time, dramatically reducing the chance of crashes to near zero. As the student’s experience grows with practice, they rely less and less on instructor intervention.

Once the student is able to demonstrate full competence and safety while flying solo, they will be certified in writing to fly at any Academy of Model Aeronautics field (2,000+ fields) across the US. And of course, can continue to grow their skills at their own pace indefinitely.

CCRC maintains a training fleet of aircraft and radios, therefore students do not need to own their own plane or equipment to get started. In fact, we discourage purchasing your first RC plane until the student has a chance to try various options and find their favorite to match their goals and preferences.

All flight training and certification is included with paid CCRC membership at no additional cost. CCRC has instructed new pilots of all ages from 12 years old to seniors.

Each student is encouraged to learn at their own pace. There is no pressure to perform and no rush to the program end goal. Positive feedback and/or constructive guidance is used to achieve the student’s goals. CCRC members can participate in training at any time to refresh their skills.

To get started, contact us via email at info@chestercountyrc.com.