Boy Scouts at Sisk Field

On Tuesday evening, June 6th, the CCRC hosted Boy Scout Troop 8 a for a flight demonstration and a chance for the Scouts to get some stick time, on the buddy box.

After some initial reluctance the Scouts saw how much fun it was and lined up to try flying. This followed flight demonstrations by Dan Bush: helicopters, Dave Eltringham: rotor plane and jet, and Alec Pettifer on the Timberlake. Alec’s demo flight preceded the Scouts doing the flying on the Timberlake.

However, Mother Nature intervened and not all Scouts got a chance to fly. We will set up something so that all Scouts get in some flying. Many thanks to all who participated, a special thanks to Rick Copes for organizing the entire event.

Alec explains the buddy-box prior to an eager Boy Scout first R/C flight.
Dave pre-flights his autogyro as Boy Scouts look on.